Twenty Encounters on a Haunted Road

I talked a little about my d30 Random Encounter charts last week. That d30 range provides me plenty of room for good, neutral, and dangerous encounters as well as just having nothing happen. I just roll on it each day to see if anything interesting happens. But I needed so more inspiration so I went digging through DrivethruRPG.

So yes. This is another “old” product that I’m ranting about. The full title is Twenty Encounters on a Haunted Road in the Carpathians of Old. And the title says what it is.

This little 8 page PDF isn’t just a 20 Monsters on a table. Nope. Most of the encounters could easily act as an adventure seed or a side quest. While it’s designed for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, don’t let that be a deterrent. Since actual game mechanics are minimal, it’s easy to convert any game mechanics on the fly to the rule set that you are using at the time. The overall tone is very much Hammer Horror ala Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. This is the sort of thing that I really like. Simple, useful, inspirational, and to the point.

This little PDF is a good buy at less than $1. And be sure to check out a bunch of more Gregoris21778’s small PDF’s. I’ll probably rant about a couple of more later but they are worth.

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