Dungeon Stackers!

Pretty much for every facet of gaming tools and other goodies, I like things that multitask. And when it comes to in person gaming, I generally have to carry my stuff around so the more things a single item can do the less I have to carry around. So with that there’s Dungeon Stackers.

Oh sure. They look like just stairs but they’re much more versatile than that. By flipping them around and playing with them like they’re building blocks they can be all sorts of things. So let me start off with that this isn’t an original idea. I grabbed it from Black Magic Craft.

As you can see, I didn’t make as many styles and kept mine to only a three-step variant. I may do more in the future. We shall see. But it still offers a variety of things I can do. Here’s just some quick examples of walls or even altar type thingie.

I also did a little experimentation along the way. Some of it went well. While others not so much. As you may notice from the pictures, I started off adding a grid and then decided that for optimum versatility that I wouldn’t do that. Painting was pretty standard. Black point+Mod Podge undercoat, base coat, dry brush.

Here’s my first failed experiment. If you dig around various mini painting forums, you’ll hear folks talk about Army Painter Quick Shade. That stuff is really expensive. Folks have figured out that various shades of Minwax Polyshades is basically the same thing at about 1/3 of the price. I’ve done this trick on a few minis like the Plague Doctors, Barbarian, and Mummy in the above. But I tried to take this one step further. I decided I’d try to skip the black wash and go straight to a dark Polyshade. Nope. They basically came out black. So, I let them thoroughly dry and did a very heavy dry brushing and then a black wash followed up by a clear polyurethane coating.

There’s a second experiement that I did too but wasn’t with the stackers. It was for the the Well of Chaos.

Hey Koolade!

The mini doesn’t have anything in the basin so I decided to try something to make some slime. First, I painted the interior of the basin a dark green. Now, the “magic” part. I used clear Gorilla Glue (make sure it’s the non-foaming type) and filled up the basin about 2/3 of the way. Then I took a coffee stir stick and put a bad of bright green acrylic paint on that and very, very gentle mixed it into the Gorilla Glue then just sat it aside and let it dry. Yes, there’s an air bubble and varying tones of green. I wanted that and provides a pretty neat effect.

And yes. I’ve got more weird terrain and DIY stuff on the way. I’m really enjoying this so far.

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