Art of the Genre: Complete Black Label Collection

I love it when Kickstarters get fulfilled. I love it even more when I open my mail box and think, “What the heck is this package? Oh yeah….” So this bad boy just hit my mail box.

I’ve ranted about Art of the Genre’s stuff before so I won’t go into too much detail here but I’ll do a little recap. The Folio is their standard line of products. The Black Label products are the adult/risque line. So they aren’t for everybody. The GM could just fade to black or take out the naughty bits but there’s still some artwork that’s best not shared with the kids (or at work).

As I’ve said before Art of Genre’s stuff is pretty solid. The adventures are fun and there’s a good mix of other useful content to add to a campaign like monsters and magic items. Their best book in my humble opinion is Storytellers Arcana. Here’s my rant about it over here. And a detailed rant about their new Black Label series.

This Complete Collection contains six full adventures plus three mini-adventures. The Sins of the The Three Sisters, The Hall of the Spider Queen, and White Witch, Black Stone are stand alone adventures. While Liar of the Slaver Succubus; Dagger, Venom, Throne, and Before the Necrotic Gate are a linked trilogy. And they are all dual stated for 5E and old school games.

Once again, go ahead check out their stuff on Drivethru and their own site.

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