Happy April Fools

I was going to do a special post but instead I’m throwing out a bunch of random one liners.

  • On the next season of Critical Role, they will play Lamentations of the Flame Princess.
  • Speaking of Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The Ref Book is done!
  • A new edition of Mork Borg is coming out. To avoid any confusion, they are getting rid of all the words and just use pictures. A special Black Edition will also be published with nothing but black pages.
  • The next setting for 5E will be Candyland.
  • Paizo announces 3rd Edition Pathfinder which will just be 1st Edition Pathfinder.
  • Facebook buys RPG.net for their content moderation processes.
  • The list of people banned from GenCon is now longer than the list of attendees.
  • For the revised 5E rule books, the Monster Manual will be moved to the Character Generation chapter of the Players Handbook. The Dungeon Masters Guide will just be a list of things the DM is not allowed to do.

Have a fun gaming weekend, folks!

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