Shadowdark RPG Quickstart

No, I don’t have anything to do with this other than I think it’s going to be awesome game. I did a pretty good post on Shadowdark previously. In a nutshell, it’s a solid old school style game with some modern tweaks that don’t get in the way. Heck, I’m even using a bunch of the spells in my current campaign.

Well, if you didn’t grab up that Beta, you’re still not out of luck. Now, there’s a cool quickstart available. So there’s two 68 page booklets, 8 pregens, all the goodness and rules and stuff that you need to run a game plus and adventure. The PDF is free as of this writing and you can buy hard copies as well.

I admit that at first I thought the PDF’s were a bit jumbled then I realized the most important tables and info you need is right at the beginning and then the “regular” text of the rules and such follow. If you did grab up the beta as far as I can tell you’ve got your bases covered until the final version comes out.

Yes, you can grab this over at the Arcane Library’s site. And yes I still need to order a hard copy for myself.

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