Trail of the Sea Demon

Here I go again ranting about an old school adventure that’s over a decade old. Like I said, it’s good to drag these up throw a little on them now and again.

Trail of the Sea Demon is another adventure from the First Hungarian D20 Society. Actually, it’s three mini-adventures. So even more bang for the buck. This one is pretty interesting because each adventure isn’t so much a quest handed out to the players characters but rather hooks for them to follow. So a creative DM can milk these for way more than just the content of three mini-adventures.

There’s another thing that I like that’s inspirational. The implied setting of the adventures doesn’t feel like the ho-hum standard D&D setting but still doesn’t come off as totally alien. It is “weird fantasy” but it’s got this odd familiarity but different tone to it.

Another good thing is that it isn’t a starting adventure or a high level adventure. It’s billed as 3rd to 5th level. You know that sweet spot so to speak. It doesn’t mean you can’t bring it around to the party earlier or later.

This is the kind of adventure that I like. It’s something that can useful beyond the printed module. So yeah. I think it’s worth the bucks.

And of course, you can pick this up on DrivethruRPG.

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