Building Your White Box Library

It’s White Box Wednesday and since I just started doing this, I’m starting with basics so to speak.

White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game is pretty much the go to for a rules set. However, it owes much of lineage to Swords & Wizardry White Box. And speaking of Swords & Wizardry, a good place to start building your library to milk ideas and inspiration is to grab up Swords & Wizardry Light and/or Swords & Wizardry Continual Light.

Both are very fine games but White Box FMAG does add the Thief and a few little bits. While both rules set are very compact, DM’s and players may find that a few of the “standard” D&D type things are missing like certain classes or monsters. But there’s slew of great things to grab up to start your library.

First, there’s the White Box Omnibus. This is the biggest bang for your buck. More classes, races, monsters, magic items, rules variants plus a couple of adventures. It’s got a bit of everything so overall, it’s got the most usability.

Every DM loves monsters and it’s good to throw a variety at the party. So here’s some more monster books to add to your collection. First up, Swords & Wizardry 0e Reloaded Monster Book. While this one isn’t specifically designed for White Box, it does have easy conversion notes for the monsters. I didn’t physically count them all but according to the back blurb there’s about 460+ monsters in there.

Next up there’s Beasties and Beasties 2 by Night Owl Workshop. While these two are primarily monster books, they don’t stop there. There’s plenty of other bits for the DM to use like tricks & traps, random tables, and NPC’s.

And finally, grab up Delving Deeper. This is a stand alone game and is great on its own. But if you’re running WBFMAG then adding this your your library is only adding inspiration and options. So it’s still a good and useful thing.

I know there’s more supplements and adventures out there. Don’t worry. There will be more rants in the coming weeks.

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