More Thoughts on ICRPG

Well, since the Master Edition of ICRPG hit a good price, I figured I’d grab that up and do some more deep thoughts on it.

The Master Edition contains the Core Rules plus the main supplements like Magic as well as a couple more settings like Ghost Mountain. As I said, I ranted about ICRPG before. It’s a good game and a good toolkit depending on how you want to use it. Heck, I’ve already incorporated a few things into my home game like the timer die. Recently, I’ve going through the forums and picking up bits of wisdom about the system. This also led me to an awesome fan Youtube channel.

I’m still iffy about a few mechanics but after doing all that digging, reading, and listening; I’ve got a better handle the design philosophy and how better to mold the game into my liking. And maybe that’s one of the reasons that I’m still chasing after it. I like when a creator says, go ahead and hack this. Heck, don’t even use all of it if you don’t want to. I’m even tempted to convert my current campaign to be ICRPG-centric. Plus I’ve got a couple of ideas bouncing around in the back of my head. I don’t know where that is going to take me.

3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on ICRPG”

  1. It was gifted to me a few months ago. I read the first half of it. I thought, like you, it had some interesting bits. Not sure about the overall system fits what I like in my game, but definitely some things to work into my game.


    1. Very true. I’m currently using bits of ICRPG in my current game and the players seem to like it. But there’s of bits that just don’t quite fit into my style. I’m debatin in the back of my head how much I want to go down the ICRPG rabbit hole.


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