White Box Wednesday: Outside the Dungeon

This week I want to rant a little about the versatility of the underlying White Box rules. You’ve got those cool rules but you’re just in the mood for something else. No use having the players relearn an entirely new system just maybe a few genre specific ones. That leads me to these fine products.

Let’s start with White Star. IMHO, this probably the most popular of the White Box derivatives. It’s good old space opera and, yes, there’s a healthy dose of Star Wars influence. And if that doesn’t quite fit your fancy, there’s a very generous compatibility license so there are tons of supplements for it.

One of the more popular genres is eldritch horror. How can’t resist going insane while fighting elder gods? That gives us Eldritch Tales. While this too has generous compatibility license, I personally haven’t seen as many supplements.

Next up, a special shout out to one publisher, Night Owl Workshop. I mentioned them previously for their Beasties Books. But wait there’s more. They got a slew of stand alone White Box based games. You want Sword & Planet, Starship Troopers, Pulp Adventure, or Pirates. You’ve got it.

The neat thing is that since all of these games are basically compatible, a crafty GM can pull in all sorts of stuff from one and plant in another. Let that sink into your imagination for a bit.

And finally, I’m going to throw in some shameless self promotion. I even managed to put together a few supplements for White Star. And I did two stand alone games. Gary Vs The Monsters if you’re into the whole Evil Dead type vibe. And Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery. This one goes out to all those who grew up on comic books and cheesy sword & sorcery flicks on VHS rather than literary works.

So yeah. I’ve a bit of love for the White Box style games. And shh. I’ve got something else up my sleeve too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the old blog.

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