Dungeon Dwellers RPG. Say What?

This one totally snuck up on me. There I was just browsing away on the Internet and decided to do a little shopping and bam there it is.

Hey! This thing is by Reaper. Don’t those guys just make miniatures? Well, apparently not. Seems they also want to throw a game out there too. Well, they released the beta Players Primer on their website. And there’s some adventures over there too.

I, of course, downloaded and starting reading. Dungeon Dwellers is a variety of things from various editions and comes up with a generally streamlined game. It’s got the usual classes, races, and spells. There’s no monsters in this primer but like I said, there’s adventures there too.

They are releasing Dungeon Dwellers along with an old-school line of miniatures. That’s cool. I admit that some of the original Reaper Bones weren’t all that great. But I’ve given them another chance and I like their Bones Black and Bones USA lines. (And I like their metal mini’s too.) D&D is having wild popularity but why release your own game? I don’t want to speculate right now. I’ll just file that in the back of mind for later use.

So go ahead and check it out.

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