Characters: Abilities Vs Loot

Last week, I did a post about some More Thoughts on ICRPG and this generated some good discussion over on MeWe. The subject came that ICRPG relies mostly on Loot as a means of character progression. This all got me thinking.

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It’s true that ICRPG uses Loot as a means to grant characters more unmph. Old School games were kind of like that especially for the non-casters. The only way for them to get cool/weird abilities was loot or drinking from that mysterious pool in the depths of a dungeon. But then if we look at 5E, every damned class has a super power and loot seems like an after thought. If everybody has cool abilities then just how cool are they? What’s the “right way”? Well, that’s up to you.

But here’s my thoughts. There should be a balance between the two. Loot doesn’t always have to be super cool. It can do things that a character may not otherwise be able to do. You know like food. (I know Goodberry). Or something really cool that augments a character’s abilities and/or skills. Also, Loot can become sort of the trademark for the character. Think of Elric without Stormbringer. Hmm? At the same characters should have a way either by player choice or chance or a combination of the two to get some nifty abilities or powers.

So let me sum up. Character growth and improved should be a combination of choice and chance. Somethings should character abilities and some should be from loot. And it most certainly shouldn’t be like a Chinese menu.

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