More Dungeon Tiles

I think I’ve finished up making my kit of Dungeon Tiles. I’ve got a few more terrain tricks up sleeve but more about those when I get them done.

I did do these in different batches and used slightly different painting techniques. So that explains the color variation. But I used the common techniques with XPS foam. Base coat of black paint and Mod Podge then an undercoat, dry brush, wash, and seal with polyurethane.

Yes, I have a dog too.

Here’s the sizes and quantity of tiles:

  • 1 each 6×8
  • 1 each 6×6
  • 2 each 4×6
  • 8 each 3×3
  • 3 each 2×2
  • 2 each 2×3
  • 2 each 2×2

I didn’t use any method to decide on how many of each or the sizes. I just used my gut instincts about what I thought would work the best, that I’d be most likely to use, and what would be the most flexible.

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