Bridges & Stuff

Ah yes. Another crafting post. I’m having fun doing this stuff and it’s quite relaxing. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up this little gem at the local Dollar Tree.

When I saw this, I thought, “Heck, I could make a decent bridge or two out this.” Now, not only am I cheap. I’m a bit lazy as well. So the first step was to break the good old Dremel with a cutoff wheel and split this bad boy. Then I trimmed off the any excess. Now, here’s where I get lazy. It’s already wood so I decided not to paint it. I went straight for the Minwax American Walnut Polyurethane. Three coats of that. Then hit it with Minwax Matte Polycyrlic. And here you go.

But wait there’s more! First, there’s my water under the bridge. Long time readers will remember cork Dungeon Tiles. I still had a bunch left and decided to do a little experiment. Since it’s thinner than the XPS, I could paint to look like water (in this case), lava, or even a river of slime. Part of being cheap is that nothing goes to waste. Then there’s the water elemental. I don’t care that the package said fire elemental. I did my own thing.

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