Pirate Borg!

Yes, I backed that Kickstarter because Pirates! But since I’m backer that means I just got the beta pdf in my grubby little hands.

OK, the game mechanics are pretty much straight forward Mork Borg. I know some folks aren’t that keen on it mainly because of the crazy layout. Since this is the beta and there’s still much that will be changed, I won’t go too much into that. But there probably will be a bit of that insane layout at least.

The default setting for Pirate Borg is the Dark Caribbean. It’s an interesting mixture of undead, mythos, and good old pirate mayhem. Like I said, this is an early beta release, so I’m just going to mention a few of the coolest things that I noticed and liked.

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love that! You’ve got two optional classes. The Haunted Soul and the Tall Tale. The Haunted Soul basically you start off as undead or otherwise corrupted. But the fun one is the Tall Tale. Roll randomly to see what you are. And it’s pretty wild. Everything from a Merfolk to a magical chicken. Yes. A magical chicken. This fun continues in the monster section with Necro-Swine and Three Headed Monkeys. Hey, it’s fun. Get over it. And have a laugh.

Also, there’s a good and easy naval combat system. Because you can’t have pirates without some naval combat. And, of course, tons of system neutral inspirational random tables. Both of these could easily be used if happen to have a different favorite old-school system. If you want a more detail breakdown, you can head over and see what Ben at Questing Beast had to say.

So what am I going to do with it? Well, I do want to run it but I’ll pitch it to my players and let them decide if we want use as is or have me adapt to a system that they are more accustomed to. So I stay tuned in for a much later post on that.

The good news is that if you’re still interested but happened to miss the Kickstarter then you’re still in luck. You can still (as of this writing) head over to the Kickstarter and pre-order.

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