Heroes Have Vices. Villains Have Virtues.

This is an age old literary axiom. But it’s good to rehash things every once in a while because it seems like some times it gets forgotten.

Hey DM’s! Make you NPC’s interesting! Players make interesting characters. We’ve all heard that before. But then we’ve also heard that your campaign is not a novel. Well, it’s not. But this is an easy way to make things interesting.

Flawed heroes are more interesting than the perfect paragon types. We should know that. Now, I do get a sense that it’s a “thing” in some circles to have these morally perfect characters that heroes. Boring. While in other circles, everybody wants to play Batman. If everybody’s Batman then Batman isn’t special or unique any more. So go ahead and make those imperfect heroes. And make them different and interesting.

There’s also an adage about villains. If you want to make a villain relatable give them a puppy. It doesn’t have to be a literal puppy. But give them redeeming quality even if it is warped. A good villain needs to be more plausible than a hero. And remember, the villain isn’t the bad guy in his own mind.

And that’s today’s crazy rant.

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