White Box Wednesday: Random Minimalist Campaign

I had mentioned this idea many years ago. Heck, I don’t even think it was on this blog but an old one. But here’s my elevator pitch. White Box gaming is really easy on the players. So why shouldn’t also be easy on the DM?

The campaign starts out with a pseudo-Keep on the Borderlands type area. Make the Keep. Make about 4 to 5 Bullet points for it. Make 4 to 5 interesting things in the area then start playing. Add any extra details that you may need based on the player characters but everything just roll it. And I’ve got the tools in my good old DM toolbox.

That’s right Rory’s Story Cubes plus some random dungeon style dice. Sure I could use a bunch of the many random charts that are sitting on my harddrive plus there’s many more out there on the internet. But I figured this could be the easiest and the most fun. And who knows where the dice may lead.

I know there are some DM’s who absolutely hate improv. They want to plan as much as possible in advance. Sure I do planning but I really love the improv and making stuff up on the fly. As a DM sometimes I like to be surprised by what happens too.

Yes, I know I said this about White Box. So let me go into why this is perfect for White Box play. It lies with the simplicity and power level of the characters. It keeps things at a level that’s it’s easy for the DM to keep all the character’s abilities in mind when making things up. Monster stat blocks aren’t complicated and can be digested in a glance. Heck, the whole rule book can almost fit in your pocket.

So yes. I love White Box. But, unfortunately, I haven’t as much opportunity to run it as I would like. But this is one idea that I’ve stuck in my back pocket for future use. Just in case. Besides. I think that it’d be fun as hell.

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