You gotta furnish the dungeon

One of the things about doing terrain is adding those little bits that just look kind of cool and ones that you’ll probably use more than once. I did realize that I had pretty much had no furniture so I grabbed some up.

Yeah, I know I gotta work on lighting and painting but the idea is there. And I know that there’s plenty of how-to-build-your-own videos out there. Those projects are coming up. But for these I decided to save some work and just buy them. I grabbed these furnishings up at Griffinco. These are filament 3D prints. If you’ve worked with them before then you know that you’ll end up seeing all those layers of filament from the printing. I looked for an easy method that used what I had on hand and l found it.

And it worked. I did do three coats of polycrylic, just to be sure. But these turned out a lot better than the previous filament minis that I’ve purchased. I’ve got a few bits that I haven’t painted yet. Might get those done soon. We’ll see what other tiny wonders grab attention or inspire me.

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