Dollar Tree Repaints & Finds

I didn’t as much done as I wanted this week but here’s some repaints of a few little bits that I picked at Dollar Tree. So who says that you have spend big bucks for terrain. Or that you have have super painting skills.


No too inspiring is it? After a base coat and a little dry brushing, it looks way better. I still want to add a little bit more of a water effect on it with some clear Gorilla Glue.

Next a nice little piece. I saw it in the store and it was supposed to be a wooden bench but I saw it and and thought stone altar. Yeah, I was so excited that I didn’t do a before picture.

And then there’s those green crystals. I picked those up a long time ago and just hadn’t done anything. And I was just sitting and thinking. Well, I got those new bases from Dollar Tree. Why not just glue some on top. No real skill there but still handy bit of terrain. What player character wouldn’t want to go and play with green glowing crystals?

So yep. You don’t a lot of skill or money to make cool things. Just don’t be afraid to try and do a little experiment now and then.

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