Archways, Alcoves, and Archcloves?

I’m really loving Wylock’s basics series. So when I watched this episode, I said to myself that I really need to make some of these for my terrain collection. I figured that I’d start with alcoves and then things got weird.

I started thinking about how I would go about this. I don’t have proxon cutter and I’ve just got half inch foam. So it was going to be in two layers of foam. And then it hit me as I glanced over at my Dungeon Stackers. Isn’t an alcove just an arch on it’s side? I know as far engineering no it’s not. But for terrain it’s great. One piece that pulls double duty.

The base size that I came up with is 3 1/2 inches long and 2 inches tall for my foam. And the opening is 1 3/4 wide and tall. Of course I wanted to put a little weight in the bottom since this was to be used standing up and laying down. So just add a couple of small nuts and we’re good to go.

Yes, cutting out that opening was a pain. But a little sanding after the layers were put together made it passable. Then the usual base coating and dry brushing.

None shall pass.

And then just flip it on it’s side. And voila. Alcove.

And note, I did use those handy Dungeon Stackers in the background. I need to make something cool for future pictures.

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