White Box Wednesday: Chocolate & Peanut Butter

One of the cool thing about all those White Box based games is cross compatibility with very little work on the DM’s part. So here’s another crazy idea that’s bounced around inside my head.

So take your favorite fantasy version of the White Box rules then drop the magic and pick up Eldritch Tales. Mix together the bestiaries. Throw in those insanity rules if you want and watch the fun begin.

Sure this may take away from that heroic feel. But then this is White Box. Characters are fragile and the world can be deadly. This just cranks the danger and mystery up to 11. Clerics are now crazed cultists and may be on the side of the party for a while. Watch out for that magic-user, when he looses it we’re all in for a tough fight.

Heck, go ahead and mix in whatever other standard fantasy stuff that one. Just take and make it fun and crazy and different. The idea to bend that traditional mold and put on its head. And yes. Players really should have back up characters. For the one’s who don’t make it or loose it in the depths of dungeon.

Like I said, one of the glories of White Box is mixing and matching different elements and making something new and cool without having to spend too much effort.

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