Stuff You Find In The Junk Box

I was digging around box of miscellaneous junk and grab a few little bits and gave them a face lift. Really don’t throw anything away.

First, there’s this pair of skulls. They were part of some Halloween decoration. I think it was a spooky potion bottle and they had some LED lights. I had torn those a part a long time ago for another project using the potion bottles. The bases of the skulls was threaded so I dug throw the nuts and bolts bin in the garage and found a couple of nuts that fit the threading. Then I had to decide how to paint them.

They sat there primed for about a week. I didn’t want to do stone again. Then I thought OK, how about stand stone? You know beige. Then I thought why try to make them look like brass with some patina. And here you go.

And there’s some bits from various toys sets that I’ve bought over the years. Really, I don’t remember where I picked this stuff up exactly but I figured a bit a repaint on them would make some decent throw down terrain.

Sneak Attack!

I’m pretty sure these came with toy soldiers.

Have fun out there. And remember. It’s OK to play with your toys.

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