White Box Wednesday: I just can’t leave things alone.

I now I can’t just leave any set of rules alone. I tinker and mess around them. So I figured may be just play around with the White Box rules a bit. Ok, a lot.

The whole idea is to streamline it. Use a unified mechanic. Keep the same charm. And keep it compatible with other material that’s come out.

What am I going to do with? I dunno. Maybe expand it. Maybe pretty it up. Only time will tell.

So here’s the PDF:

Am I crazy? Probably. And yes, this is the little preview that I posted last week to Patreon and Locals.

2 thoughts on “White Box Wednesday: I just can’t leave things alone.”

  1. Interesting and pretty usable. Only thing I didn’t like was the rule of 4. If I were to use this I would either change it to 3=1d6 or 4=1d6+1, cause 4 is better the 1d6..


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