DIY Weapons Rack

There’s plenty of really cool weapons racks for dungeons out there but I just wanted to be different. I’ve collected a whole little box of various swords, axes, shields and what nots over the years. So I wanted to build something that actually acted like a rack that I could swap out whatever weapons I wanted to fit the dungeon or my mood. The key material is one of those gold mine items. The generic mini-Jenga blocks that you can pick up at Dollar Tree. Yeah, I think I’ve bought two or three of them.

The build was pretty easy. Just grab your wood glue and a clamp and go. First, just glue and clamp two of those Jenga blocks and then cut a craft stick to length and glue and clamp for the front like so.

The end pieces are the rounded ends of a craft stick. I did buy the craft sticks at Dollar Tree, too. And here’s the neat part and coincidence. The craft sticks are the same width as the blocks. So there was no trimming to have them fit. Just cut to the same length.

Add a couple of coats of Minwax Polyshades and boom. Good to go. Yes, I know I still need to paint the weapons. Hey, one project at time.

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