Alternate OSR Magic

Chaos Factory Books pops out another one. This time Alternate OSR Magic.

I like the stuff put out by Chaos Factory Books. The entire Dark Fantasy series is just down handy for running any warped and dark campaign. They’ve got a their own special place in my DM tool kit. But let’s talk about Alternate Fantasy Magic.

Most of you seasoned folks out there have seen just about every alternate magic out there. Well, all of those are here. Roll To Cast, Spell Points, Blood Magic, and Random Magic. The thing is most of those systems come from different trains of thought. Here, we take those same concepts and make them modular and basically cross compatible so you could potentially use each as different styles of magic in the same world. So this product is very much a tool kit. And if you know me, that’s the sort of thing I like. Gimme tools!

Not only do you get alternate rules for spells. There’s also old-school versions of cantrips and rituals. And clerics aren’t left out the mix. There’s alternate rules for them too. Along with all that there’s still room for alternate classes and a how-to section for inspiration.

All in all. It’s another great tool to add to my GM bag of tricks. It’s flexible and inspirational enough for me to throw all sorts of weird things and open up options for the player characters.

You can grab up Alternate Magic over at DrivethruRPG.

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