DM Scotty’s EZD6: More Thoughts

I want to return to DM Scotty’s EZd6. Yep, I’ve plaid around with it. Made a soft pitch to the gaming group. And took a few moments to digest and come up with a few ideas to hack it. Because that’s the sort of thing that I do.

There’s a couple of things that are hand waved or reduced to an abstract level. First and easiest is wealth. This is abstract. Which is OK. I never let the PC’s accumulate large stock piles of treasure. The big things are meant more for “story” rewards. With that being said, there’s an abstract Wealth System in EZD6. So like I said this is an easy “fix”. Just grab another one and go on.

The other thing is that there’s no mechanical character advancement system. I know some folks are perfectly fine with that. And some it’s a deal breaker. Personally, I’m in the middle on this. I would prefer a system but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. So, I’ll just make one up and here you go. And this is based on the system I’m currently using in my Franken-Game.

Characters are awarded 3 to 5 XP each session. This depends on the overall quality of the session. Was it fun? Was there good RP? Overcoming obstacles? And so on. Yes, it’s very arbitrary. It takes 15 XP to power/level up. When the character does, roll 2d6.

2: Gain A Hero Die
3 to 5: Gain a Strike
6 to 8: Nothing!
9 to 11: +1 Karma
12: Gain an Inclination

OK, it’s not perfect. But that’s my first thought. I’ll play around with more and see what happens.

And there’s a third and final thing for this post. I was thinking about Miracles. Hmm. This is a place where you get to build your campaign world a bit. Wouldn’t a god’s Resistance to the plea for a Miracle be based on that god’s “domain”. Sure you worship the God of Death. I don’t he’ll go around healing people.

Any way. This is a fun a little game that’s on the Gotta Play or Run It List. It packs some punch despite not having a bunch of crunch. And it’s got all sorts of ideas bouncing around inside my head. This is one damn fine game.

3 thoughts on “DM Scotty’s EZD6: More Thoughts”

  1. I liked both of your articles on EZD6, I also agree with you about levels, Players crave that sense of achievement. Adding a bit more crunch and tacking on a level system should be pretty easy.

    One note about Magick & Miracles, spells normally impact one antagonist, adding more targets incurs a penalty.

    Overall the system is fantastic.


  2. I might steal the way On the Edge (WaRP) handles advancement. One way is to add a Karma point every three sessions or such. But to make it be like advancement with XP specifically, I’ll use an XP die per level. This can be a spendable pool per session. I’m thinking it could be a boon or more likely a re-roll.

    Every 3-5 sessions the PC will get one XP die added to the pool.


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