White Box Wednesday: White Bones

This isn’t so much of post but an update. Remember that hack I did a few weeks ago? Well, I gave it a name: White Bones. Maybe even I’ll come up with a cool logo.

The goal of this little exercise is to make the easy White Box even easier without really losing anything. I don’t want to pat myself on the back but I think I did come up with some good stuff. And, yes, there’s inspiration from a lot of the games that out there right now.

I’ve got a little bit of editing, brainstorming, and testing to do. Then put a nice little bow on it an release it to the world. Is there a time line? Well, nope. Hey, I’ve a day job and a couple of other things that I’m working on behind the scenes plus what you see here on the blog.

Don’t worry. Next week, there will be more of me rattling on about White Box play. Options, house rules, more hacks, and so on. I have no idea where all of this will take me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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