My Picks for Cool Games In 2022 (So Far).

So far. Like I said. Ennies Voting is live. I’ve seen a lot of folks saying, “Meh. Nothing there.” I feel that way too a bit. Usually, there’s at least one product that I think is cool. This year. There’s a couple I like just nothing that goes over the top. So I decided to do this little post as personal picks for the coolest games that I’ve stumbled across this year. And like I said, so far. And here they are in no particular order.

Deathbringer: Two pages of hardcore condensed rules. It boils things down to the basics and is easily hackable. Sure I am a Patron of the Dungeon Craft Youtube channel, so I do get to see a bit more. Deatherbringer brings a solid grim-dark set of rules to the table that you can meld with your game of choice.

EZD6: You don’t need d20’s to have fun. This game throws you into the middle of the action. You can run it without a bunch of page flipping and consulting obscure rules and tables. Beginners and veterans both can have a great time playing this. This game stresses fun and keep the action moving.

Shadowdark: Once again, I’m talking about this one. As of this writing the core book isn’t released. A beta set of the rules were available but now you can grab a pdf of the quick start for free. This game is solid old-school. It does add some of the more modern mechanics but the older design options play center stage. There’s a lot I like about this game. I’ve taken some the concepts and added them to my own Franken-Game. Personally, I cant’ wait to get my hands the final book which should be coming soon.

So those are top three picks. Now, I’ve a few things that are on the way so I’ll rant about those later when I get them in grubby grognard hands. Who knows may be there will be more games that make it to the best of 2022.

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