Say Hello To The Willowman

I pulled this guy from Cursed Scroll Zine No 1 for the Shadowdark RPG. He’s a pretty nasty guy so I just had to add him to my current campaign but I wanted to a mini for him. I grabbed up the Crimson Warlock from Reaper as my guy.

I put my own little spin this nasty. As to power level, I’m putting him in the range of a Dungeon Crawl Classics patron. He just enjoys watching mortal suffering and terror. He may not directly do anything..but. Also, he really doesn’t care too much about his followers.

When the party first ran across I figured they’d parlay or run. Nope, they immediately struck up pacts with him. Things were OK until the party was getting beaten by a ghost and the Witch screamed “Give me the power to defeat this spirit!” The Willowman imprinted a spell on the mind of the character (basically a “mental” scroll). “I cast it!”

“You can take a round and figure out what it does.”

“I don’t care. I cast it.”

It was fireball with 0 range. The fight went from bad to worse after that. No the Witch didn’t survive. Neither did the NPC Cleric.

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