Hyperborea, Baby!

I will say it again. Getting those boxes from Kickstarters is like Christmas morning! This time the postman arrived with the 3rd Edition of Hyperborea!

This is a really cool game and I’m really glad that I finally put out the bucks to get a physical copy. The artwork is cool too. I won’t go too much into a rant about the game since I’ve already done that.

I know I’ve got “too many” games sitting on my shelves. Wait. No, I don’t. That’s crazy talk. Just because I don’t run any game as written any more. Yeah, I always tweak something. It doesn’t other games aren’t useful. Hyperborea packs in one the coolest settings I’ve seen in along time. There’s a great selection of spells and a darn right scary bestiary. Plus all the classes give any homebrewer a good starting point for ideas.

Yeah. I’m really glad I picked this up. Now time to plot out some fun crazy stuff for the future.

And in case you missed out, check out North Wind Adventures site. Plus their adventures are just plain top notch.

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