Tabula Sono

I’m always looking for something to make our virtual game more fun and feel more like actually being at the table. Our little gaming group kicked the tires on new VTT this weekend and things went pretty well.

Tabula Sono is currently in early access and I shelled a couple of bucks to see how things would work out. As of this writing, it’s scheduled for public release on August 19, 2022. The intention is to Tabula Sono be a freemium style service. The DM and players can play totally for free or you can subscribe for additional stuff plus they plan on having a marketplace for additional miniatures and stuff. I’ll let the trailer speak for itself.

So yes. You can import mini files. I grabbed some STL freebies from Thingiverse and all but one imported with no problem. If you’re going to sites like Heroforge, you shouldn’t have a problem from what I’ve heard. Sure the mini’s are “painted” but it actually has more of a feel and look at sitting at the table without expensive software that everyone has to buy or a lot of work by the GM. And there isn’t a steep learning curve. Heck here’s a screen shot from my prep for our latest session.

Now you do need keyboard and mouse for all the controls which are similar to most video game controls for panning and moving the camera. So no major learning curve for the players. I know some might be critical about the graphics. Sure they could have made fancier graphics (and there are plans for a little more pop in that area) but one of the goals is still have it work even if someone has a low spec computer. And, no, there isn’t tablet support, yet.

Sure there a few bugs and they are still working on various enhancements. But even at the early access stage, it’s fully functional and well kind of fun. So it’s worth it to put this one on your radar if you’re looking for a simple3D VTT that won’t break the bank. That won’t eat up a bunch of your time learning it. And still is quite customizable.

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