White Box Wednesday: White Box Expanded Lore

I have no idea why I haven’t done a review of this one. It some how must have slipped through the cracks but it’s time to fix that now.

This little PDF (37 pages) is great expansion to a White Box game. What do you get? More classes! You get Bard, Druid, Hunter (sort of Ranger but not quite), Monk, and Paladin. Each one of these is a good take on the individual class and fit well with the core WBFMAG classes and mechanics. But wait there’s more!

There’s additional optional abilities for all of the classes including the core ones. This adds a little flare and customization to characters and adds to some more options for GM’s to offer the players. We aren’t done yet.

Feats! I know Feat is a four letter word around many old school circles. But this time, I feel they were done right. No long chain of feats like 3.x. Nor are they overpowered like some of 5E. Once again more options and flavors that a GM can offer up. Plus there’s a smattering of option rules to use if you want too.

This PDF offers up options to make individual players characters be more unique without losing any of the ease of White Box and while not throwing a bunch of power creep into the mix. It’s a great PDF to add to your GM Tool Box and mix and match with whatever other options or house rules that you may use.

And here’s another really cool thing. It’s Pay What You Want. So head on over to DrivethruRPG and snag up a copy.

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