Black Pudding, Big Eye Chungus & A Zine Campaign?

I did a big old fan boy, “Squueeeeee!” last week when Black Pudding 7 came out. This started my brain going into another one of those weird places.

In case you haven’t heard, Black Pudding is an old-school zine written and illustrated by James V West. All of these are awesome, useful at your table, and dirt cheap. Practically all of them have a selection of classes, races, monsters and/or some other cool tidbit. There’s a good bit of humor in them as well. So if you’re all, “My games are totally serious. We don’t make any jokes.” Then you might pass on it and maybe you should lighten up a bit. Black Pudding 7 is just like the others. More classes and monsters plus a gazetteer of the Black Pudding world with some nice inspirational random tables. Like I said tools that you can use. And you can pick it up on DrivethruRPG for PWYW. Oh and if you’re curious, the best issue to start off with is No 4. That’s micro OSR rule book style one. I’d say that it’s got the most generic useful material.

Of course, this reminded me that I need to run over to Kickstarter and back Big Eye Chungus.

I really like Levi Comb’s zines. I think I’ve got the entire Planet X Games collection. Once again these hit that cool spot of tools that you can use and just the right dose of humor. Plus they’ve got some artwork. Once again highly recommended. You can check out my other reviews here.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this all got my brain working in weird ways. I thought about my idea of a Random Minimalist Campaign and thought hell why not take all that cool material from those zines and put them to good use. It is getting to that time of year where I start thinking about what to run in the upcoming year. And this idea is great one to throw at my players.

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