White Box Wednesday: Unearthed Trove

Last week, I talked about White Box Expanded Lore. This week it’s the kissing cousin. Unearthed Trove!

These two products are related. Heck, Fen Orc even puts a shout to Expanded Lore in the intro. Now, Unearthed Trove does add a few things.

We’ve got takes on Assassins, Illusionists, and Rangers plus additional player character races and Feats like Expanded Lore. Don’t worry there’s new material that’s useful too. There’s a really good section on Combat Tactics. This isn’t just moving miniatures around. These game mechanics to for characters to give other characters a little boost in combat. It’s nice. It’s better than swing and miss or just sit there and wait because you’re out of spells. (Looking at you 1st Level Magic-User.)

And there’s Psionics. OK, I admit that I don’t use it any of my games. But if you like it then go right ahead. Unearthed Trove builds on the Feats of Expanded Lore to create a solid Psionics system with all that old school flair.

And finally, there’s a Trauma system. This is sort of like Fear, Sanity, Disgust, and Stress rolled into one. This, I think, would be good if you’re going for a more grim dark style game where the characters get worn down by all the stuff trying to kill them in the dark. Would I use it? I doubt it. That doesn’t it isn’t a good system for your game. So it’s worth checking out.

I’d have to say the holy trinity of White Box Supplements boils down to White Box Omnibus, White Box Expanded Lore, and White Box Unearthed Trove.

And what’s great all of these are dirt cheap. Unearthed Trove is PWYW on DrivethruRPG. So go check it out.

Roll those dice and have fun out there.

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