Arches & Doorways

I decided to a couple of little archways/doorways for my collection of DIY terrain. I did these more as proof of concept and to test how structurally sound they might be.

I wasn’t really going for that perfect look. Most of the technique is your standard XPS Foam, Modge Podge/Black Paint, Paint, Wash, Dry Brush, and then polyurethane. Through the top, I have a toothpick as structural support and to help hold them together while the glue was drying. I also added small wood screws to the bottoms to act as a weight and help them stay upright.

They aren’t that sound especially if you grab them by the lower sections. A quick fix would be to add a craft stick across the base. Think I’ll that later on these and on the next batch.

Have fun out there.

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