White Box Wednesday: Return to Eldritch Tales

I know I’m on a Lovecraft kick this week. So I decided to look back on Eldritch Tales again. I’ve already done a review and other random thoughts. And, in true Mythos fashion, I’m having more random thoughts.

Previously, I talked about combining White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game and Eldritch Tales. Then just last week, I thought about porting in some of the skill mechanics from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. These ideas have peculated in brain for a while.

There’s the Holy Trinity of Weird Fantasy writers; Robert E. Howard, HP Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith. While Lamentations of the Flame Princess says it’s weird fantasy. It’s got its own vibe and take on weird fantasy and pretty much nothing to do with the more classic works. While your average fantasy RPG pays total homage to Tolkien.

I just feel like mixing things up. First, let’s talk player character races. Do what you want for your world? Just humans? That’s OK. The standard set of humans and demihumans. That’s OK too. As far classes go, Fighters and Thieves are the same. No change there. It’s where start talking about Magic that things get interesting. First, I’d probably drop clerics as a spell casting class. It’d be just a job. But for Magic-Users. Well, all magic is Mythos magic. And it comes with same side effects of Sanity loss and so on. So chances are that the party’s Magic-User is going to lose it and possibly become the next big bad that the party faces. But hey that’s the way the dice roll.

What about monsters? Just plain drop most of the standard monsters. Just pull the crazy Lovecraftian one’s. And take a few choice one’s and add a weird twist to them. Use your imagination and make your Sanity check.

And there you go. Mind bending, a little genre bending. And possibly a whole lot of unique fun.

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