Hermetic D&D

One of the good things that happened last week is that I watched this video. Go ahead give it watch, I’ll wait. And yes, there are a couple of audio hiccups in there. You need to start at about the 13 minute mark. I’m not sure which of Ben Milton’s videos he’s referring to but Runehammer and Questing Beast are a couple of good channels on Youtube to follow.

There’s lots here but the point I want to bring up the whole idea that there’s underground RPG community. Hells. Yeah. I’ve said this for years. The heart of the game isn’t on some forum or social media group. It’s not in some set of rules. It’s not people play drama games for attention. It’s the masses that are sitting around a table (virtual or physical) who are playing the game. Heck, they’re probably using house rules and hacked together ideas from various sources. But they are having fun. They don’t care about the latest RPG drama tempest in a teacup crap. Many of them probably don’t even know that the crap is happening.

This is the cool part of the hobby. It’s where the rubber meets road or to put it better; where the dice meet the table. It’s games and campaigns that are living, breathing, and evolving without apology to any higher authority.

So go out there and be that rebel. Do your own thing at your own table. Sure, you might not be one of the popular, cool kids on social media but you’re going to have fun with your friends.

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