Thinking about Lamentations of the Flame Princess, again.

My brain is wandering back to LotFP again. Yes, I’m still angrily waiting for that damned Ref Book from many moons ago. But when I start think about doing something darker and weirder than normal, I just can’t help myself.

I’ve been watching Lord Matteus’s LotFP Youtube videos and dropping by his blog. I mean I hadn’t really paid much attention to the game for a couple years so I just felt that I had to get back into the swing of things and it was good place to start.

There’s been a lot of stuff that’s bounced around the old brain pan over the last couple of years. So lot’s of new ideas and thoughts have settled in there plus I’ve accumulated a lot of gaming material. One thing that’s popped into my head is that Lamentations is 95% attitude and 5% rules. Let me explain. The rules are primarily Basic D&D. Sure there are few tweaks, adjustments and additions. But at it’s core, it’s Basic D&D. That’s not a bad thing. There’s the simplicity of play and the lethality of play that fit right into the vibe. But the heart and soul of Lamentations is the attitude. The mood. Let’s face it you could go to your gaming group and say that you’re going to run Keep on the Borderlands with OSE and you get one reaction. Say you’re going to run it with Lamentations and you’d get a totally different reaction.

All this gets me to my happy Frankengame place. It’s no secret that I really like the Deathbringer rules. There’s lots of attitude and mood that comes in line with my interpretation Lamentations. In the first paragraph of Deathbringer, it plainly says, “It is not a game so much as a “kit”—a toolbox of hacks to create a fast-paced, grittier game.”

It’s a tough call on exactly what I’m going to do. But this is the kernel of an idea to start my planning for next campaign. Don’t worry. Crunchy bits will be on the way.

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