White Box Wednesday: Original Edition Campaign.

Here’s a White Box supplement that doesn’t get much notice. I’d say the main reason is that it’s not on DrivethruRPG. As far as I can tell the only place that you can get it is on Amazon.

This little book is a set of house rules and tweaks from the author’s campaign that’s been going on for decades using the original little brown books. From what I can tell the author, Erik Johansson, is from Sweden. I really can’t hold that against him. Heck, my grandfather didn’t learn English until he got into the American school system. But this aint’ about that. It’s about the game.

Like other White Box supplements, we get additional takes on what’s become the standard additional classes: Barbarian, Druid, Paladin, and Ranger. Each one of these is a pretty good take on these classes and slightly different than what we’ve seen usually. And there’s good tweaks to the standard classes. I like the magic system where it’s you know a spell but the allocation tables are just how many you can cast. Sure that messes with what’s traditional but it does work and it’s similar to what I like to do.

There’s a good 2d6 vs TN task resolution system that is simple and can be easily added into your game. Roll 2d6 +up to two Attribute modifiers plus or minus any GM modifiers against a target number.

And there’s more in this 47-page booklet. All sorts of minor rules tweaks, tools, and design commentary about various aspects and changes that Erik had made to the rules. It also maintains that nostalgic charm of a simple layout and simple line art. No fancy pants layouts or art punk fonts that you can’t read.

There are a couple of downers. First, there’s a sentence or two that are just oddly worded. That’s no biggie for me and I attribute it to just being written by a non-native speaker. Hell, I’ve made worse grammar errors and have written or said things that make no sense. But I do know that it really bugs some people. The other, it’s a bit pricey. As of this writing, it’s $8.50. Despite that I still think that it’s worth it.

So go hit that link about and check it out on Amazon.

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