Here’s a Bookcase

I shared Wylock’s latest back to basics crafting video a couple of weeks ago. The thing that struck me and that I just had to try was building a bookcase. Of course, I did put a bit of my own spin on it.

So what did I go different? First, I built the bookcase from a couple of the Dollar Tree mini-Jenga pieces (the base and the top) and then cut down some craft sticks for the back, sides, and shelf. Since this was already wood, I just applied some Miniwax Antique Walnut. Really, it makes no sense to me to paint wood to look like wood. Just let it be wood. I used the same method as Wylock to construct and paint the books. Well, almost. Wylock did use Super Glue. I opted to use Tacky Glue for the entire build.

I didn’t make enough books so there was some room left over. I thought a bit and made some scrolls. I just cut some strips from a manila folder then wrapped it around a toothpick to get it preformed a bit. Then Tacky glue! And a green rock and thought that would just look cool.

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