Pillar Scatter Terrain

I really don’t make terrain for dioramas. I just ain’t that good. I make this stuff to be used at the game table. Even better is it’s a multitasker or something that simple and can just be thrown into a box and carted around to the game. I wanted some pillars so here you go.

Construction is your basic XPS, Modge Podge, Paint, Wash, Dry Brush, and Polyurethane. Now, I did do something a little different and I think it works a little better. Often for the taller pieces you need some sort of weight on the bottom to prevent them from easily falling over. A lot of folks use wood screws. And I did do that on some other pieces. But for these, I used drywall screw. And I think they work a little better. They are pointier than wood screws and have a finer thread. So it’s much easier to start them and they should hold better. But most importantly, the way the head is constructed, they are easier to countersink and thus not stick out from the bottom of the piece.

Till next time!

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