Random Character Generation. Why Not Random Character Progression?

Let’s face it. Random character generation ruffles some folks feathers. Well, what about random character progression? Think about that one.

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I know there are more examples than I remember. So yeah. I’ll forgot a game. The first time that I remember the idea actually stuck with me was from Jame Raggi’s Green Devil Face No. 5. Just a simple set of class-based charts of what your character gets when they level up. More recently, the idea has resurfaced from the depths of brain with Shadow Dark. Once again, random tables based your class. And the newest thing that’s dug its way into brain like some sort worm, Index Card RPG where it’s random loot that powers up your character.

So why do I think this is a cool idea? Back in the day of playing 3rd Edition/Pathfinder, I really got tired of the idea of character builds and min maxing your build. Sure you technically could take whatever Feats or Features you wanted but you’d just screw yourself over. So personally, I found it annoying and not that much fun. However, something random just seems more interesting to me. It’s more of challenge for the times where you might not get the best ability to match your vision of the character. Adapt. And maybe the dice would just screw you over. It’s just like living with bad stats. Building those random tables isn’t that easy either. It may seem so on the surface but they do have to a bit balance and fairness.

I know this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. I got that. But you know, I’m thinking that there’s some secret sauce in there just might be fun to play around with. Food thought. And maybe some weird ideas on the horizon.

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One thought on “Random Character Generation. Why Not Random Character Progression?”

  1. I prefer the older Runequest method of marking skills as they are used. They are the skills that are eligible for increase. I never liked the D&D route of allowing any darned upgrade with no respect for actual character experience.


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