ICVTT is out

Yep another rant about another simple VTT. Here’s the lowdown the new improved ICRPG VTT is out. Yeah, it’s been a couple of weeks but I finally had a chance to check it out.

First, if you don’t know what ICRPG is then go check it out. Just google it or check out the Quickstart. And yes there’s been a version out previously. Originally, that one was just for Runehammer Patrons then it was opened up to everybody else but you still logged in via Patreon. The new one is out of the Patreon circle and instead you log in with your Google creds.

This is another of those no frills VTT’s. It’s only the things really need and that’s it. You can throw up a map or just a background image. The GM can share their screen. And there’s a die roller that doesn’t get in the way like so many do. It’s simple and that’s the key thing. And it’s easy to use. No modules or anything like that.

But wait. Maybe you don’t play ICRPG. You can use it for just about any game. Now it doesn’t have the rules built into the VTT. For me, that’s kind of annoying since I house rule so much. And I prefer a game that’s sort of hybrid of mini’s for general location and theater of the mind. I don’t my VTT to look like a video game but I also realize there’s some neat stuff you can take advantage of like music.

I’ve ranted enough. Just go check it out for free at ICVTT.net

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