White Box Wednesday: Eldritch Tales+White Lies=Delta Green?

Yes, I know I’ve ranted about about Eldritch Tales before. But for this spooky time of year, I want to take it one step further. I wanted to throw it in and make things like one of the most popular Cthulhu style campaigns. And that’s Delta Green.

Now I know that White Lies is more like James Bond than Fox Mulder. I get that. That’s what While Lies is. It’s a White Box take on the Espionage genre. And it’s a pretty good one. (I’ll do a more detailed review later.) Even though both games are “White Box” compatible, they handle skills in different ways (x ind 6 or Save as Skill). The easy way to pick the one you like and then do that little bit of conversion.

The other big difference is classes. White Lies is focused on the characters being secret agents not experts in Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. So in this case, I’d say combine bring in the Antiquarian from Eldritch Tales as a sort “Expert” class. Throw the in Sanity Mechanics and weird Lovecraftian bits. And boom, ready to save the world. And since you homebrewed, you did it your way.

If you’ve been following along the you’ve probably already picked up Eldritch Tales on DrivethruRPG. Guess what? You can get White Lies plus its supplements for free on DrivethruRPG too.

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3 thoughts on “White Box Wednesday: Eldritch Tales+White Lies=Delta Green?”

  1. I’ve been running a White Lies campaign which includes alien conspiracies, illuminati-like secret societies, cults devoted to ancient gods, and things-that-live-among-us behind a veil of fey glamour. What you’re describing is not far fetched for me AT ALL.

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  2. For good inspiration, there is the Harrison Peel files, which is about a secret agent taking on the Mythos. More serious than The Laundry. There’s also Bond Unknown, which is two stories of James Bond himself encountering the Mythos.

    And of course, there’s always the actual DG fiction


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