White Box Wednesday: Gary Vs The Monsters

Yep. Halloween is getting closer and there’s a big sale happening on DrivethruRPG. So this week, I decided to something different. Self Promotion. I suppose I should do it a little more.

What’s Gary VS The Monsters? It’s cheesy White Box horror. That’s it. Monsters are monsters and they want to eat your face. And you’re just some chump trying to survive. Let’s put it this way. What Tolkien is to D&D. Evil Dead is to Gary Vs The Monsters.

So run over there to DrivethruRPG and check it out.

Thanks for stopping by and have some fun out there.

4 thoughts on “White Box Wednesday: Gary Vs The Monsters”

    1. Everybody should play/run this game once! Its so easy to do and you wont be disappointed. Its quite easy to mod if need be. I just wish it was available in digest sized 🙂


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