Altar & Vivisection Table

Got a little more horror themed DIY scatter terrain for you.

First I want to an evil altar. Sure I do have manufactured ones but I wanted to see what I could cobble together. And here’s what I got.

It wasn’t rocket science. Take XPS block and give it the usual treatment. I had a sprue of weapons from Reaper Miniatures and that’s where I got the dagger. The spell book I used the same technique from Wylock’s Back To Basics but I did a double thickness for the “pages”. The skull is actually a bead. I used a bamboo skewer for the candle and I just stuck the pointy end into the foam. The flame is actually the tip from a toothpick. Like I said, cobbled together.

And now that Vivisection Table. This one was cobbled together too.

This one was a bit of a challenge. I couldn’t get it to be structurally sound. Remember, I make stuff to played with. So I go durability over appearance. What I finally decided to do was just “build” the table around a piece of XPS that was painted black. The legs I made from toothpicks. The rest of the table was made from wooden coffee stirrers. They’re a bit thinner and a whole lot narrower than craft sticks. Then for chain. Well, it’s chain. I raided the junk jewelry section of the dollar store. And boom.

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