White Box Wednesday: White Lies

I could have sworn that I had already done a review on this one. And I couldn’t find one so here it is. The slightly belated review of White Lies.

I really feel kind of stupid about not doing a review. My longest running campaign ever was an espionage game. We had started with Top Secret then moved onto the James Bond RPG, and finally settled into Danger International. It was blast and harkened back to the glory days of James Bond, Napoleon Solo, and Derek Flint. You youngsters may have to Google some of those names.

So White Lies is your standard class/level based White Box game. All of the usuals are there. Where the game really earns its bacon is the optional Supplemental Training chapter. Let’s face it trying to pigeon James Bond into a single class is going to be pretty tough. So this allows agent characters to basically cross-train and pick up more skills without really having hardwired skill system.

I do wish there was a cool chase system but it’s hard to beat the auction style system from the James Bond RPG. But it does have all those other extras that you’d expect like neat gadgets, cool cars, and evil masterminds with tons of mooks.

This is just down right cool game if you want a secret agent style game built on that wonderful White Box framework. And you can grab White Lies and its supplements on DrivethruRPG for free!

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One thought on “White Box Wednesday: White Lies”

  1. I’m also a fan of this. Worth mentioning the random tables for generating spy locations, enemies, and missions. They’re incredibly useful even if you’re running another system.

    The mission code name table is also a lot of fun.

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