Boo! It’s Spooky Time!

Hey, here’s a couple of Wizkids mini’s. They could ghosts or wraiths or specters. I don’t remember what the package said. I just went and painted them in an unearthly green.

The technique was pretty simple. These were some of the clear plastic minis and I wanted that still to be evident. First, I made a medium green wash then dry brushed with a neon green. Eyes are still annoying. I used to have some success but time has not been gentle to the skills or the eyes. I’m trying some slightly different and we’ll see how it turns out on other miniatures. It’s simple. I don’t use a brush, just dip the tip of a toothpick in paint and there you go.

Also, guest starring in these pictures is another little bit that got dug out of the toy bin. I picked it up in one of those buckets toys a long time ago. It was this plain clearish, red plastic. Since it was cheap Chinese plastic, I wasn’t sure how it would handle paint or primer. So I started with poor man’s primer. I brushed on some PVA glue let it dry then for a base coat I did the Modge Podge/black paint thing. Then just paint is as I had with my other terrain pieces. There you go.

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