White Box Wednesday: White Box+ICRPG?

OK, I know this is a weird one. So just hear me out before you go scrolling by.

I admit that I am pretty much a late comer to the whole ICRPG scene. As I’m playing around with it and the pieces are coming together in little brain, there’s some weird connections that happen. Like this one.


Yes, ICRPG does have a lot of its own jargon and feel. And there’s lots of cool things in there even if you don’t actually play the game on its own. And that’s basically the meat of this post. And the meat in this case is EFFORT.

OK, Effort is one of those in ICRPG that at first I wasn’t overly excited about. I liked but I wasn’t what you call excited about it. Fast forward. And here I am ranting about it. So what is Effort? At its most basic, it’s damage. You know hitting the orc with your sword. But you can use it for time sensitive dramatic tasks like the Thief has to pick the lock before the room fills with poison gas. Characters get bonuses to Effort during character generation and/or busy using cool gear. It breaks down pretty simply: Basic (Hands and Brain), Weapons/Tools, Guns, Magic, and Ultimate (Crits and really, really good gear). These normally use the standard RPG dice; d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12 respectively.

Now enter White Box. All of them use d6. Heck all weapons already do that with a small modifier. So the only actual change in that case is a character based bonus. Note Attribute Modifiers don’t add to Effort/Damage.

Once again this is one of those rules hacks to get you thinking. Kit bash all that stuff together the way you want. I’m throwing out an option for you to think about and play around with. And there’s a bunch of ideas for you to play around with too. Do what you want.

You can grab up the Free ICRPG Quickstart on DrivethruRPG and get to hacking.

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