Dollar Tree Xmas!

My local Dollar Tree hasn’t been doing that well of late. They haven’t had that much on the shelves and the store’s been pretty much a total mess. Normally, I’d get a good haul of crafting stuff during Halloween. Not so much this year. But Christmas on the other hand…..

Brick and two types of cobblestone? Hell yeah. I haven’t had a chance to do too much with these but I do know that I need to back them with something so they lay smoother at the table. But they are still handy as a road or I might try something with walls.

And then there’s that little pack of fence sections. Once again, I haven’t had a chance to do some touch up painting but the one “gate” section has a Christmas wreath. No problem. I literally pried that off with my finger nail.

As always. Have fun out there. Thanks for stopping by. And remember it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of cash to have cool stuff.

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