Don’t Overwrite. Don’t Overthink

Last week was crap. Not only was the day job totally crazy, I was sick from Monday to Wednesday. That meant Monday through Wednesday felt like one long Monday broken up with some quick naps.

But eventually, I got back on my feet and messing around with the fun stuff. You know like RPG’s. I was reading over what I had written for the next campaign (more on that soon) and I realized that there was just too much crap in there. I had just written too many extras. I was over thinking things.

I’m a home brewer and rules hacker. I enjoy it. But it’s always to good to step back from darling campaign and look at things with a more neutral perspective. There’s an old saying when it comes to editing, “Murder your darlings.” Yeah sure. You might think it’s really cool. But will your players. Will something just get in the way. Make something else more confusing. Will it bog down play. Be tough and honest with yourself.

And don’t overthink stuff either. “I’m need rule X if the characters try this weird thing.” Well. Maybe. Maybe not.

So whether it’s the rules, the setting, or an adventure. Do write crap you don’t need. Don’t write crap the characters aren’t going to care about or directly affect them. Sure you might like that stuff the GM but will the player care.

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